Online Mastering Preparation


Online Mastering Preparation

Our Online Mastering Preparation guidelines below provide fruitful tips on how to prepare your mixes ready for mastering. In addition to reading the information below, we do advise everyone to call to us prior to submitting any tracks. Preparing your files correctly will indeed save us all time and money. At any stage if you are unsure please contact us at anytime by phone or via our contact form.


  • Do NOT have your mixes pegged to 0db
  • Turn off all compressors/limiters on your master output
  • Bounce your tracks down to -3 to -5 dBFS
  • Leave at least 5 secs of silence at both track start/end
  • Let each song tail naturally fade out, then leave 5 secs of silence

Note: When it comes to typical CD track cross fades, track start and end points, it is our job to make the final edits and ‘blends’, simple communication throughout your project will result in a perfect result. 

File Formats

  • Please send WAV / AIFF or SDII files only
  • Ensure that each track is 24BIT (Bit-Depth)
  • 44.1kHz or higher sample rate is required
  • DO NOT send MP3’s please…
  • MP3’s, Garage Band files or similar will be ignored!
  • Maximum ‘per track length’ is 10 mins (call us for extended track length rates)

Note: It’s always wise to send us the files in the very same sample rate that they were originally recorded in. Please do NOT try to convert sample rates above or below their native format as it can lead to critical data errors. The information provided in our Online Mastering Preparation page can be downloaded via PDF form. 

Labelling Your Tracks

  • What NOT to send: FILE003.WAV
  • What we SUGGEST you send: 01-SUNNY-DAY.WAV
  • What would be IDEAL to send: 01-THE-KATS-SUNNY-DAY-48-24.WAV
  • Try to label the track number, artist name, track name, file format
  • It’s critical that you don’t use !@#$%^&*()_+ symbols when labelling files
  • Upper case track labelling is preferred yet not mandatory
  • Which ever the case, keep it consistent and please double check your typing

Note: Ordio Mastering charges $25 per track when sent incorrectly, file management and replacing new for old files mid flight is time consuming and delays each mastering project. 

Paying For Your Mastering Project

  • All jobs are paid for up front and in full, 50% split can be arranged on application
  • We do offer a 24 hour money back guarantee post sign off (conditions apply)
  • To order and pre-pay for your stereo mastering project(s) click here
  • To order and pre-pay for your stem mastering project(s) click here
  • To order and pre-pay for an online mastering gift voucher click here
  • If you need an offline Pro-forma or 30-day invoice please call us on: 02 9501 4840

Online Mastering Sign Off

  • Post rendered files will be sent through via Hightail or Dropbox
  • Post rendered files will be sent through as high res (1 min samples)
  • Each sign-off email of tracks can be shared to anyone for review (endless downloads)
  • No alternative versions will be submitted without final payment (if 50% split is approved)
  • 5% total project applies for proven Facebook likes and shares
  • Every client is given a 20% return loyalty voucher (that is non transferable)

Note: If you have landed on our Online Mastering Preparation page via a Google search or have not had any experience with the online mastering process before, please get in touch with us today and we can assist you with all that you need to know.