atc monitoring
ANALOGUE STEM MASTERING mastering grade D/A converters

Stereo Mastering

$49 Per Track

Stem Mastering

$99 Per Track

DDP File Creation

$149 Per DDPi

About Ordio Mastering

Ordio Mastering is an all analogue post production facility. We do not use plug-ins, artificial intelligence, digital processors or presets to master your music. Our Sydney based studio is purpose built from the ground up fully equipped with state-of-the-art classic analogue components. Our ATC monitoring system is second to none which guarantees your masters will translate across all playback systems. Ordio Cables have meticulously hand wired every cable using the finest quality components available.


The studio has been acoustically balanced creating an extremely accurate listening environment. Our audio engineers are experienced in recording, mixing, restoration, digital and analogue mastering. We don’t turn away small projects nor are we afraid of a challenge. We strive to produce warm, natural, musical sounding masters enriched with our true analogue signature sound. Our services include Stereo and Stem Mastering, RedBook compatible DDPi Master File Creation. We also comply to the ‘Mastered for iTunes’ guidelines.


We are well known for our diversity in mastering all genres of music and are admired for our creative input in this clinical yet final stage of the recording process. Our rates are competitive and our repeat clientele is a true testament to our work. If you want your first or next release to capture the timeless analogue warmth with all the benefits of digital clarity we would love to work with you.