Audio Mastering

Analogue Processing

Ordio Mastering is a professional online music and audio mastering service. We are located in Sydney yet work with independent artists, bands, record producers and music managers around the worldMany clients come to us for our known diversity in mastering all genres of music, others have heard the quality of our work and are instantly keen to work with us. We often get clients who have recently had their music mastered elsewhere who end up very unhappy with the results. The most common complaint is that the previous mastering engineer has either cooked their mixes or, have taken away some of that natural magic captured in the recordings with the bleeding obvious overuse of their favourite plug-in. This is a pure example getting what you you pay for!

Modern Classic

Our recently fully upgraded audio mastering suite features some of the most globally respected analogue components available. The hand picked selection of analogue mastering tools are a vital part of our signature sound. The new studio has been acoustically calibrated to provide an unsurpassed monitoring environment that allows us to achieve accuracy on every project. As for signal flow and point to point connectivity, no expense was spared on the incredible cable installation by Ordio Cables. Every Canare cable was hand wired, tested and certified to be of the absolute highest quality providing a noiseless system throughout. We also invested in a custom made Argosy Console that is, ergonomically the ultimate studio furniture for the mastering industry.

Audio Mastering


The quality of your track is highly dependant on the digital conversion in audio mastering. This is why we spared no expense to use a  Grace Design m905 for professional D/A conversion.

Audio Mastering


Analogue transformer saturation adds warmth and character to music, Ordio Mastering proudly use Avalon Design, Rupert Neve and Kush Audio professional analogue processors.

Audio Mastering


Our studio has been fitted with the very latest in interior acoustics. The new 3D Acoustic Tiles provide maximum acoustic absorption whilst maintaining a natural monitoring environment

Mastering Rates

Our mastering rates are realistic, fair, competitive and at times negotiable. We are driven to achieve the best mastering results possible yet are equally as passionate about the creative journey that each project offers. Achieving world class audio mastering results is an art form of which we not only feel, but can prove cannot be achieved via a software plug-in. Ordio Mastering is a true analogue audio mastering studio that have had years of experience working with traditional hardware that have put classic recordings on the map. Our clients respect this experience and know that when we are mastering music for today’s modern sound we listen, respond and respect the integrity of the mixing engineer, producer and artists goals for each project.

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