Mastering Videos

Ordio Mastering Videos

Ordio Mastering will soon be releasing a string of analogue mastering videos featuring interviews with senior mastering engineer Ben Wever. The videos will heavily focus on the raw advantages of analogue mastering VS digital mastering.

The ten part series that we are currently working on showcase each component used in our new analogue mastering suite. Naturally our mastering videos won’t be giving away too many trade secrets yet will indeed be intuitive enough for the curious cats out there to learn more about analogue mastering.

Pt. 1 Analogue Mastering Promo

Our first promo video about is a short visual introduction to our analogue mastering services with a sneak peak close up showreel of some of the high end equipment used in our mastering suite. Just in case anyone asks, the rock track playing in the back ground is actually Ben Wever AKA (mrben). ‘When You’re Gone’, track 3 taken from the debut album Night & Day was never meant to used in the promo video yet Steve Lees from Web Site Updater couldn’t resist throwing it there as he is quite a fan of the album.

As you may or may not be aware, Ordio Mastering is a division of Ordio Productions, a company that offers a variety or professional products and services. more so capturing the magic that happens when beautiful recording come alive in the mastering process with the major points of difference that analogue mastering makes. Stay tunes as our Analogue Mastering Videos will be live soon.