Online Audio Mastering

Online Audio mastering

Located in Sydney Australia, our Online Audio Mastering services are utilised globally. The majority of our work is via industry referral. We strictly focus on what we know and do best, Stereo and Stem Analogue Mastering. Our clients value our personalised service and constantly remind us that our attention to detail never goes unnoticed. Our people skills and values may be traditional yet our mastering results are as modern as you want them to be. The Online Audio Mastering market has become a little oversaturated with inexperienced plug-in savvy digital operators undervaluing a respected art-form that demands years of experience. Talk to us today if you want real results from real people.

DDP Master File

Downloadable content might be the norm nowadays, however, the Compact Disc is far from dead. Many of all our Online Audio Mastering projects are still released on CD. Ordio Mastering specialises in producing accurate RedBook compatible DDP Image Files ready for commercial duplication. Not only can we create professional DDPi Master from your new release, we can also edit and re-birth an archived DDP Master File that you may want to be re-released. Online Audio Mastering with DDPi Creation requires authorised software and the know-how to produce and industry standard image file that will be free of errors. Don’t let your next release be another ‘unnamed’ CD that does not correctly contain the ISRC codes, track names and royalty tracking meta-data.

USB Master Backup Drive

All of our NEW Online Audio Mastering customers receive one free Ordio Mastering branded USB Flash Drive. The USB backup drive is pre-loaded with 48/24 and 44.1/16 resolution master files. DDP Image Files can be included if purchased separately. Additional Flash Drives can be also purchased separately from our online store. Upon request we can supply custom branded bulk drives with your artist / band name, image, logo and contact details ready to give away or sell at your live shows. The customised drives can also be partially partitioned so that your music files can be locked leaving it free from accidental deletion.