Ordio Mastering Testimonials

I spent years working on an album of my music and after all of that effort I needed someone I could trust to add polish to what I had mixed to what I thought was perfection. It is amazing what a fresh set of 'good' ears can do, and the results Ben achieved floored me. My album now sounded like an album, stereo imaging was better, and there was simply more life in the mastered version than my mix. Could not be happier with the results.

Steve Lees

We sent our latest single "Call On Me" to Ben Wever at Ordio Mastering, everything he did really brought our track together and really suited the song and the vibe we were going for. Unbelievable results, just so smooth sounding. It really just nails it. Awesome work, we'll definitely be sending through some more tracks in the coming months.

Lennie Tranter

Ben, you have nailed it, I just listened to it with fresh ears and it's everything that I was hoping it would be. The space in the mix has been retained and everything is just at the right frequencies. You're making us sound good over here, I very much appreciated It, sounds like a world class product.

The Remotes

Ben is an absolute perfectionist which is a great quality to have for mastering yet he is also very versatile. I tend to write across a range of genres and the singles I’ve released range from ballads to pop to country, Ben has always been able to work his magic on them to great effect.


We did allot of research on who we should use to master our latest album as we had put so many hours in the recording process and we really wanted an ongoing relationship. Ben at Ordio Mastering was by far the standout option, with a band containing four fiddle players our sound was always going to be tricky but Ben produced results that were above expectation.

Jennifer Blissett

Ben has what anyone running a mastering business should know, he has the ability to empathise with his clients and is full of creative yet technical ideas that compliment everything that you hand over to him. Simply put, I could not ask for more from his services and from now on, when we have new recordings to release we would not consider using anyone else.

Stanley Knife

Ben is a Quality Industry Pro with the Skills, Knowledge and Background to complete your works to an International Standard. He strives with passion and will work with you to complete your dream result to the very end. I can definitely recommend Ben at (Ordio Mastering) not only as an Audio Professional but as an inspiring great guy sharing his wisdom with a humble approach.

Pure Habitat