Analogue Stem Mastering



  • Price is per song
  • Song meaning (combined stem tracks)
  • Maximum of 8x stereo stem files
  • Includes 1x mastered version per song
  • Includes 1x free 8gb USB flash drive
  • Includes digital delivery as well as flash drive
  • Excludes DDP Master Image or CD copy

Analogue Stem Mastering is the ultimate method in music mastering if the project warrants a more detailed level of audio surgery. On average, there can be anywhere between 16-48 individual tracks layered into a single mix. Once bounced down to an interleaved stereo file a certain amount of detail within the centre and mid-side field components can be compromised. We have the tools and experience to correct the majority of common issues throughout the Stereo Mastering process, however results may vary depending on the quality of the mix. Analogue Stem Mastering gives our audio engineers much more creative control resulting in a more 3 dimensional polished sounding record.

Analogue Stem Mastering involves processing the stereo or mono stems that are bounced down from each mixed group of instruments from the master mix. The stereo panning, grouped master levels, starting and end points per stem are already predefined when preparing the stems for mastering. When we build a stem mastering project, initially no adjustments to the original mix are made. When mastering traditional instruments such as drums, guitars, bass, keyboards etc we have the ability to change the entire landscape of any mix. We tread very lightly here as we always respect the skills applied and integrity of the previous work done by the producer, mixing engineer and artists involved in the mixdown process.

Analogue summing mixers are known for adding a unique and desired sonic character, many audio engineers feel that they glue everything together in ways that software can never emulate. Our all analogue mastering studio is powered by state-of-the-art Class A outboard gear enabling us to insert a multitude of classic transformer saturation, this is the core of our signature sound. In short, Analogue Stem Mastering is much like working with Play-Doh, in a sense it’s like sculpturing audio with your ears.



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