Mastering Revisions


How to book and pre-pay for online Mastering Revisions:

  • Re-upload your stereo or stem files HERE then return to this page
  • Select the amount of Stereo or Stem revisions you are requesting
  • Provide us with as much detail as possible in the Mastering Notes
  • Add your selected items to the basket and proceed to checkout
  • Carefully proof read your notes within the checkout window

Mastering Notes

Provide as much detail as possible for the changes that you are requesting.



Mastering Revisions

Mastering Revisions are welcome and are rather encouraged here at Ordio Mastering. After we have mastered your tracks we provide you with a proof file. This is what we call the pre-master and it’s the semi-final stage of your music release.

Everyone that has been involved in your project from start to end has had to make many decisions along the way. This will be the last chance for you all to speak now or forever hold your peace. Don’t let the smallest of imperfections bug you for years to come.

After we send you the pre-master, take some time to go through each track, make some notes and collectively come to a decisions in what ‘realistic’ changes could be made. Don’t forget that we cannot save a bad mix or re-record a vocal take that may not have been the best one to begin with.

Mastering Revisions are not a problem, or a burden here at Ordio Mastering so don’t feel that you can’t talk to us and run through any ideas that you may have. We wish we could do the Mastering Revisions for free but we obviously need to charge for our time. However, or rates are still extremely fair so we have tried our best to offer you the same world class service at an attractive price.

Please note that Mastering Revisions are not possible if the project is older than 1o years or the original backup of the project can no longer be located. Please always contact us before you are wanting to request any revisions.

If you are not needing any Mastering Revisions yet need Stereo Mastering, click here: Here or if you are needing Stem Mastering please click here: Here