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Stem Mastering

Stem Mastering is an alternative approach to stereo mastering, the ultimate goal for both processes is to optimise your recorded material so that it translates evenly across multiple playback mediums. Stem Mastering is where we take your stereo mixes of ‘for example’ drums, guitars, vocals, keys etc and individually treat each stereo mixes to enable maximum control and dynamic manipulation.

Ordio Mastering will professionally master your stem files using our state of the art analogue outboard mastering processors. Stem Mastering is more complex and takes more time hence why our Stem Mastering rates are slightly higher than our Stereo Mastering rates.

Once we have mastered each stem we create a new post mix of stem files that then enable us to perform a means of final mix down of the ‘treated stem sections’, this is where we always respect the original mixing engineers hard work. Our involvement here is to complement the mixing yet stay true to the original mixes that you have all agreed upon prior to the mastering stage. Our primary focus with Stem Mastering is to focus on the separation of all instruments by adding analogue character and warmth to the track, and or album.

Stem Mastering still involves level matching and stereo image matching across all stereo stem tracks, if you are only needing traditional Stereo Mastering we offer this service as well. For more information on file preparation and final mix bounce down procedures please also visit our file upload page.

When we first receive your tracks we listen for peaks, clipping or any unwanted noise that may of been captured in the recording. This is the last chance to iron out any anomalies that may of occurred in the recording process. We often need to perform means of audio restoration on some files that are noisy to ensure that any unwanted errors are not magnified throughout the mastering process.

Whether it’s analogue or digital music mastering the overall output level will either be governed by reference tracks that you decide upon or by default, dictated by the style and genre of your music. Most of our clients trust our technical yet creative decisions with the overall mastering process and listen to our professional advise upon the master output level.