USB Flash Drive Master Backup

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  • Price is per 8gb USB flash drive
  • Includes pre-loaded mastered files
  • Includes exclusive discounts on our other products

All of customers receive 1x free USB Flash Drive Master Backup with each project. Whether we master a single track, EP or album each USB Flash Drive Master Backup is pre-loaded with your mastered files in high resolution, CD resolution including DDPi project files.

Typically the band manager or band ‘leader’ will take responsibility for keeping the master files under lock and key. However, anyone is welcome to have a copy of the master files so they can self distribute and share their releases digitally or via CD duplication.

Our USB Flash Drive Master Backups are Ordio Mastering branded yet upon request we can arrange for bulk copies of your proud releases to be branded to your artist name or band name. To find out more about this please contact us ant anytime for more information.

Note that we do not keep master backups of our projects so we encourage all of our customers to purchase at least 1x extra USB Flash Drive Master Backups just for safe keeping.

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