Upload Guide


  • Please don’t have your mixes pegged to 0db
  • Turn off all compressors / limiters on your master output and bounce your tracks down to -3 to -5 dBFS
  • Leave at least 5 secs of silence at track start / end points
  • Let each song tail fade out naturally, then leave 5 secs of silence

File Formats

  • Please send WAV / AIFF or SDII files only
  • Ensure all tracks are no less than 48k/24 bit depth resolution
  • MP3 files / GarageBand project files will be ignored
  • Maximum ‘per track length’ shall be 10 mins
  • Tracks longer than 10mins will be charged as two tracks

Labelling Your Tracks

  • What NOT to send: FILE001.WAV
  • What we SUGGEST you send: 01-SUNNY-DAY.WAV
  • What would be IDEAL to send: 01-THE-KATS-SUNNY-DAY-48-24.WAV
  • It’s critical that you don’t use !@#$%^&*()_+ symbols alike when labelling files
  • Lastly, keep everything consistent and please double check your spelling

Upload Your Tracks

  • Stereo mastering; all you need to do is send us the stereo files as per the ‘File Format’ guidelines above
  • Stem mastering; ensure that you send us each ‘group’ of stems as stereo pairs, clearly label each group
  • Once you have collated all of the files ensure that you have a decent internet connection at the time of uploading
  • Double check that each file is free of spelling errors and check that the file formats are all the same
  • Select either Stem, or Stereo Mastering from the options below, best to click on the outer side of the image for more information
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